[LOGO] barbara & tonny (barton-arts)

"My life was a chaotic mix of artistic activity and the necessity to earn a living: I worked as an Ad-designer in Amsterdam. Then in South Africa I participated in the production of a documentary film, about native customs in Natal, for the Marianhill Monastry.


After that, I landed in Paris, France , where I worked as a litho lab technician for the United Nation Conference, and after that as a photographer with Unesco.


The next adventure was a stay in Panama City, where I worked as a designer for an American Advertising Agency. Once in Caracas, Venezuela, I worked for many years for the local English Newspaper as an advertising production manager. Then I married Barbara and together we raised two children.

We founded together Barton Arts, Inc. for the production of silk-screened textiles.

Now living in Florida I will dedicate to do, what I always only wanted to do: Paint!"


Tonny Hulshoff, born in Hengelo [O], the Netherlands, studied art at the "Arts and Crafts School" in Arnheim during the war and continued his art studies after the war at the " The Hague Art Academy " in The Hague, both in the Netherlands.



1958 Paris: at "Gallerie Huit" with Mixed media drawings

1967 Caracas: at "Galeria Gamma" with Mixed media Prints

1968 Caracas: at the "Salon Oficial" in the "Bellas Artes" museum with Mixed media Prints.

1973 Washington D.C.: at the "Milicent Chatel Gallery" with Mixed-media Prints

1997 Caracas: at the"VAAUW Gallery" with Oil paintings and Watercolors